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Victorian Inland Charter's fishing report for the lakes of the south west of Victoria.

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Posted by on in Fishing report

Well what a last few weeks we have had on the charters, calm days, hurricane days, very wet days but some very exciting and productive days too with several trophy fish being taken and many more to come !


This lake just continues to produce but not in the numbers we were having. Even though a couple of fish a trip is the norm now they have been of exceptional quality. Michael Evans snagged a 3.33 kg brown on a white tassie clown to top the list. Not far behind was Josh Leech with a 3 kg beauty taken on the orange/gold tassie as well as a 2.1 kg.  Other anglers to do well here are: Dick Lane 2 x 2.5 kg browns. Darryl Luttrell 2x 2.5 browns, Fraser McCann 2.6 brown, Chris Allman and Jason Klienitz with a brown + rainbow, Charlie Goral with a 1.9 brown, Jason LIlley scored a beaut 2.5 kg buck brown, Marcus Holmes and Ian Jamieson  both got nice rainbows around the 1.6 kg mark.
Like and share comp winner Mark Wilson from Werribee also had a day out in atrocious conditions but still managed to bag a pair of beaut browns too, well done Mark !

White tassie clown pattern is now the dominant lure in my tackle box on Tooliorook at the moment but how quickly that can change too. Pinks were the go to lure last month and I'm tipping that the orange colors and yellow wings will become the flavour as the spawn progresses.


This Great Lake is just about to switch right on in my books and as I'm typing this report I just received a pic of a exceptional fish of 6 kg taken there over the weekend as well as news of a 3.8 kg. I managed to take a 3.8kg myself there last Thursday and cannot speak highly enough of the place now and the credit due to the DPI for their vision and research to make these great crater lakes into magnificent fisheries.Clint Hotchin and myself managed a fish each last weekend that went 2 kg. Small Chinook salmon continue to take lures intended for bigger fish and all due care must be exercised in the handling and return of these little guys as those who can remember the cycle of the last great wave of chinooks will tell you we have some very exciting times ahead when these fish mature and grow out. Baits such as scrub worms, mudeyes and power bait will get you a fish here as well as casting lures and trolling, be it flat lining on top or down rigging to depths.

Bullen Merri

Don't have too much to report here as other places have kept us busy but there is some great fish to be taken here too on the above described methods. Plastics around the edges and power bait seem to work well. Look out for some real action here in the next few weeks as the temp rises and the fish really spring to life!

Lake Bolac

This lake also has not reached its full potential as yet and promises so much over the coming weeks. Has been some bank anglers doing well here on power bait, glassies, white bait or just casting lures such as pink tassies and Norries lay down minnows. Scrub worms also a reliable bait here too.

Grampians lakes

Had some good reports from lake Wartook with browns up to 2.5 taken in the wall area trolling lures as well as on mudeye. Not a lot of Redfin on show as yet but as the weather warms up they will turn up.

This lake has just had a stocking of chinook and has not produced much more than a few Redfin and the odd trout so far this year. The chinook are expected to have a massive growth rate in here and in my thoughts will do the Redfin population no harm at all as they will keep the numbers of small ones in check as they grow into the ferocious feeders they become.


Rocklands just continues to let the fishermen down this year and has produced very little. A Great Lake with fish written all over it but just hasn't fired to date. I feel it needs a lift in water temp to get the fish going again and restore the former glory days it once enjoyed.


Well I've just got back from a weekend there that showed so much promise and delivered very little. We took a few browns to 1.6 kg but dropped several larger fish after hook ups. The fish just don't seem to be hitting well and I can say we only saw one rise for the whole weekend even though there is incects and hatches a plenty. Fished mudeye for several hours as well to not lose a bait so I'm tipping its just a temporary lull due to end of spawn. Some great fish taken 2 weeks ago now virtually nothing leans towards a spawn break.

Wurdi boluc

The reservoir is also quiet at the moment but some angler putting in time have taken browns up to 3 kg mainly on rapalas, double clutches or bait wise, mudeye or scrub worm. Redfin haven't come on the chew yet but look out for the next report as I imagine there will be a few poking around by then.

Summary: As a whole fishing the fresh is improving all the time and we have a lot to look forward to over the next few months and years with great stock being produced and water levels rising as I write. Lure color and selections will change with the transition into spring and the end of spawn runs, don't forget to change things lure wise or get bogged down with the old faithful that caught your last good fish. My mentality has changed on sticking to old faithful and with a marked increase in catches ! Amazing what an open mind and open ears can do ! Listen and learn because there's is always a tip or slight advantage from learning. Read the water not just fish it, think like a fish and your catches will increase. Observe conditions, run a diary or log of catches and conditions at that time. Barometer ups and downs, wind, cloud, time of day, moon phase....they all contribute and may just let you tailor your next trip or outing to maximise enjoyment.

CAUTION: Have seen several snakes already out and about so please be careful especially around water as this is prime habitat. Most snakes hunt at night so keep that in mind too and always keep a close eye on kids and pets at your favourite lake or river.

Tight lines to all and look forward to your feedback and reports.



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  • shane collins
    shane collins says #
    Great report trev freshwater looking so good mate.
  • Dave
    Dave says #
    awesome fishing report Trevor ,your knowledge of these lakes is spot on ... love your work
  • David
    David says #
    Great report Trev , Will try and see you soon . Go Hawks

Posted by on in Fishing report

Tooliorook continues to produce great fish for us with the bigger fish just keep on coming in. Tassies in blue/pink & lumo pink have dominated as well as the Diawa double clutch. Bait is also working well here with Mudeyes & Power bait taking nice fish.
Anglers to enjoy these beaut fish are Darryl Lutrell, Paul Rahman, Jake Leach, Shane Collins, Dick Lane, David Higginbotham, Jarrod Day, Kevin Hoffman, Benji Lang, Ian Flys.
The yearly run of great rainbows hasn't happened as yet, so look out in the coming weeks for some great action.

Spent the 2nd, 3rd & 4th August at Toolondo in terrible conditions with Darryl O'Shannessy and Paul Walker for a return of 6 fish. The size has dropped away here, but only temporary as they are almost spawning now, so there will be some great results  very soon. Both lures & mudeyes continue to account for fish here.
All Grampians lakes are starting to produce great fish now with water flowing into most. Lake Fyans & Wartook being the standouts.

Lake Bolac
Bolac as usual produces some xtra large rainbows, but can be very weather affected too and discolour quickly. Live minnows & power bait have the bank fisho's hooking up & trolling Lumo pink tassies working well for boat & yak fishermen.

Bullen Merri/Purrembete
These two Great Lakes continue to both excite and frustrate many fisherman. Browns have been up to 4.5kgs both flat lining & down rigging. Bait also accounts for many fish here, mudeye, scrub worms & power bait doing the job. Live minnow & gudgeon also are deadly here.

Deep lake
Derrinallum's little hidden treasure continues to give up both browns & rainbows to bank & boat anglers. Jake Leach has taken some real gems here in the past few weeks on mudeyes & trolling tassies.

With continued rain and good water flows into most lakes, we can expect some fantastic fishing in the coming weeks. Bait should become easier to obtain and spring is not far away now. Redfin should start to reappear soon when water temps go up.
Don't forget to fish those inlet areas where some fresh water & inflow of nutrients & bait will have fish lurking. Hard to go past a scub worm here! Look for the "edge water" where clean & dirty water meet in the ambush zone.
Thanks to all for your support on the Charters and look forward to seeing you all again.

Look out for us on Facebook with a like & share competition with the winner getting a days fishing with myself & Jarrod Biles, plus a great prize pack.



Posted by on in Fishing report

Well what a last couple of weeks we have had on the charters! Some beaut results coming form Tooliorook at Lismore. Browns have been no smaller than 2 kg and Paul Rahmans fantastic 4.03 kg being the standout. The lake continues to produce fish of this quality along with the occasional rainbow turning up too. Brad + Steve Andrews, Ray + Carl Doolan and Corey Green being amongst bank anglers to do well here on power bait and lures with Corey scoring a nice fish on fly. Best lures currently are tassie devils in pink,white or gold wing types. Strike pro bob n spoon has also tagged a few. We went back to basics one day last week and used the gold crocodile to coax a big brown out of hiding. Trolling and casting to shallows or weed beds has been best methods. Trolling speed is critical and it is important to get his right and gauge it by running your lures beside the boat and varying until you get the correct action. Many people ask what they are doing wrong and most times it is trolling speed is too fast.

Nearby Deep Lake at Derrinallum also has produced both browns and rainbows both from the bank and in the boat.  Powerbait or Mud eyes under a bubble float and casting lures from the bank has produced a few fish. Trolling tassies and hard body minnow types also have done well.

Purrembete and bullen merri have some XL size browns coming out by all methods. It trolling  lures has been most effective. But bank anglers are a good chance here too with minnow, gudgeon and mudeyes the prime offerings.

Lake Bolac continues to produce rainbows to both bank and boat anglers with live minnow the best bait or frozen white bait or glassies also taking fish.

As there has been rain it's time to chase up a few scrub worms and offer them as most trout can't resist them. Jake Leach has done well in most lakes with scrubbies.

Toolondo is still the standout lake in the Grampians and also offers some great browns and rainbows to 3 kg. Redfin are quiet here currently but with the days getting longer they should make a significant return very soon. Trolling will see you hooked up in no time but bait has also taken its fair share too with scrubbies, mudeye and power bait doing well.

All other Grampians lakes are on the comeback trail and continue to improve with significant number of new releases un leashed by the DPI. Wartook is a Great Lake that flys under the radar but rarely fails to produce both trout and Redfin. Lake Fyans is bouncing back too with a good flow going in and stock being released too.

This coming week we fish Tooliorook, purrembete, bullen merri, maybe deep lake and later in the week and next weekend Toolondo so stay tuned for the results.

Thanks to all the clients on the charter the last few weeks and the coming ones, may we continue to produce great fish for you.


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  • Ray
    Ray says #
    This page and reports are just awesome keep it up, great for fishing ray

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