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Victorian Inland Charter's fishing report for the lakes of the south west of Victoria.

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Posted by on in Fishing report

G'day all, been a busy few months since my last report with most of my work being on Toolondo ,Rocklands, Lonsdale or Lake Fyans. These lakes have produced some great fish especially Toolondo with some cracker browns growing out now and a few beaut rainbows as well. Best brown we have taken was by Geelong taxidermist Trevor Lumb just tipping the 3 kg mark. Paul Worsteling of IFISH nailed a rainbow there on mudeye when we were filming an upcoming action packed show that would have been just a tad over 3 kg. Mudeye under floats has been the most consistant method of capture but the Fish Arrow plastics seem to have these measure of mainly browns there but the odd rainbow is tricked by them as well, if you haven't used the Arrows guys get on them as they are very realistic and do produce ! Look out for that episode of IFISH probably going to air in June/July sometime, some of the best trout footage you will get to see and the action is just incredible.  Rocklands has produced some nice Redfin mostly taken on stumpjumpers in about 3 to 4 metres of water around the trees opposite the main ramp and down towards the wall. Further upstream reports have filtered in of some larger reddies so if you put in the time and find them it's well worth the effort. Lake Lonsdale has once again been the victim of a "environmental flush" and at the time of writing is virtually empty again. It produced some of the best Redfin you will wish to see but is now all but a puddle ! Lake Fyans continues to recover well after many years of fishing pressure throughout the drought. I fished here a few weeks ago and signs of recovery are there and the rainbows were very willing to hit lures and when they did the condition of them surprised me, fat little fish that are doing very well. Some smaller Redfin were on at the time but in the last few weeks it has produced some great fish that it was once very well known for. The browns are a little timid here but the ever reliable mudeye will tempt them if presented well. Looking forward to getting amongst the great fish coming out of Purrembete after Australia Day weekend and this lake has been the standout for trophy fish in Victoria for the last few months. Redfin are coming on there now and drop shotting in about 25 metres will see you fill the bag in no time. Plenty of chinook salmon as well but they are not up to that keeper size as yet so please enable them to grow out and ensure a fishing future here. Bullen merri continues to both please and frustrate anglers with varying results. The big fish it is renowned for haven't had a decent go this year but I suspect it's not too far away from becoming a Mecca for big fish. Chinooks have done better here than purrembete and I have heard of a couple pulling the scales down to 1.2 kg. Lake Bolac is starting to give up a few of its famous rainbows as well so keep an eye on reports there as some trophy fish will surface soon with some settled weather. Tooliorook at Lismore and Deep Lake at derrinallum have both suffered dramatically from not only low water levels but also from being illegally netted by poachers unknown. Sad to say that these 2 lakes are in a very bad way and that greed has got the better of certain individuals that have pretty much decimated the populations of not only the trout but the Redfin as well. Please, if you have seen anything suspicious going on at these lakes or have any information (registration numbers, photos etc) that could lead to a possible conviction contact DEPI on 13FISH and report it as it needs to stop. We pay our licence fees to get these places up and running, restocked and producing only to have these un desirables sneak in under the cover of darkness to destroy them. The water side of things is a natural thing and can't be avoided but poaching can be stopped. It is up to us as fishos to do our best and be the guardians of these places. 

I look forward to hearing and seeing your results over the rest of summer and in the future and also would welcome you on board for a fish at anytime. 

We have purchased a house at Toolondo which will be available for weekend (3 nights minimum) rental or weeks at a time (5 nights) after the Australia Day weekend. 2 bedroom with doubles plus a large bunk room that also has 2 doubles and 2 singles. Safe parking/storage for boats on private property. Fully furnished and overlooks the lake right opposite the main ramp. BBQ on the deck and yes pets are welcome. Fish cleaning table provided. Contact myself or Nat for prices/details/availability. Only 25 mins to Rocklands as well. 

For those a bit budget conscious we also have the shearers quarters available 500 meteres down the road still available at $40 per night with full facitilies as well. 

Tight lines to all and good luck.....Trev and Nat 





Posted by on in Fishing report

Tooliorook continues to produce great fish for us with the bigger fish just keep on coming in. Tassies in blue/pink & lumo pink have dominated as well as the Diawa double clutch. Bait is also working well here with Mudeyes & Power bait taking nice fish.
Anglers to enjoy these beaut fish are Darryl Lutrell, Paul Rahman, Jake Leach, Shane Collins, Dick Lane, David Higginbotham, Jarrod Day, Kevin Hoffman, Benji Lang, Ian Flys.
The yearly run of great rainbows hasn't happened as yet, so look out in the coming weeks for some great action.

Spent the 2nd, 3rd & 4th August at Toolondo in terrible conditions with Darryl O'Shannessy and Paul Walker for a return of 6 fish. The size has dropped away here, but only temporary as they are almost spawning now, so there will be some great results  very soon. Both lures & mudeyes continue to account for fish here.
All Grampians lakes are starting to produce great fish now with water flowing into most. Lake Fyans & Wartook being the standouts.

Lake Bolac
Bolac as usual produces some xtra large rainbows, but can be very weather affected too and discolour quickly. Live minnows & power bait have the bank fisho's hooking up & trolling Lumo pink tassies working well for boat & yak fishermen.

Bullen Merri/Purrembete
These two Great Lakes continue to both excite and frustrate many fisherman. Browns have been up to 4.5kgs both flat lining & down rigging. Bait also accounts for many fish here, mudeye, scrub worms & power bait doing the job. Live minnow & gudgeon also are deadly here.

Deep lake
Derrinallum's little hidden treasure continues to give up both browns & rainbows to bank & boat anglers. Jake Leach has taken some real gems here in the past few weeks on mudeyes & trolling tassies.

With continued rain and good water flows into most lakes, we can expect some fantastic fishing in the coming weeks. Bait should become easier to obtain and spring is not far away now. Redfin should start to reappear soon when water temps go up.
Don't forget to fish those inlet areas where some fresh water & inflow of nutrients & bait will have fish lurking. Hard to go past a scub worm here! Look for the "edge water" where clean & dirty water meet in the ambush zone.
Thanks to all for your support on the Charters and look forward to seeing you all again.

Look out for us on Facebook with a like & share competition with the winner getting a days fishing with myself & Jarrod Biles, plus a great prize pack.



Posted by on in Fishing report

Well what a last couple of weeks we have had on the charters! Some beaut results coming form Tooliorook at Lismore. Browns have been no smaller than 2 kg and Paul Rahmans fantastic 4.03 kg being the standout. The lake continues to produce fish of this quality along with the occasional rainbow turning up too. Brad + Steve Andrews, Ray + Carl Doolan and Corey Green being amongst bank anglers to do well here on power bait and lures with Corey scoring a nice fish on fly. Best lures currently are tassie devils in pink,white or gold wing types. Strike pro bob n spoon has also tagged a few. We went back to basics one day last week and used the gold crocodile to coax a big brown out of hiding. Trolling and casting to shallows or weed beds has been best methods. Trolling speed is critical and it is important to get his right and gauge it by running your lures beside the boat and varying until you get the correct action. Many people ask what they are doing wrong and most times it is trolling speed is too fast.

Nearby Deep Lake at Derrinallum also has produced both browns and rainbows both from the bank and in the boat.  Powerbait or Mud eyes under a bubble float and casting lures from the bank has produced a few fish. Trolling tassies and hard body minnow types also have done well.

Purrembete and bullen merri have some XL size browns coming out by all methods. It trolling  lures has been most effective. But bank anglers are a good chance here too with minnow, gudgeon and mudeyes the prime offerings.

Lake Bolac continues to produce rainbows to both bank and boat anglers with live minnow the best bait or frozen white bait or glassies also taking fish.

As there has been rain it's time to chase up a few scrub worms and offer them as most trout can't resist them. Jake Leach has done well in most lakes with scrubbies.

Toolondo is still the standout lake in the Grampians and also offers some great browns and rainbows to 3 kg. Redfin are quiet here currently but with the days getting longer they should make a significant return very soon. Trolling will see you hooked up in no time but bait has also taken its fair share too with scrubbies, mudeye and power bait doing well.

All other Grampians lakes are on the comeback trail and continue to improve with significant number of new releases un leashed by the DPI. Wartook is a Great Lake that flys under the radar but rarely fails to produce both trout and Redfin. Lake Fyans is bouncing back too with a good flow going in and stock being released too.

This coming week we fish Tooliorook, purrembete, bullen merri, maybe deep lake and later in the week and next weekend Toolondo so stay tuned for the results.

Thanks to all the clients on the charter the last few weeks and the coming ones, may we continue to produce great fish for you.


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  • Ray
    Ray says #
    This page and reports are just awesome keep it up, great for fishing ray

Posted by on in Fishing report

Toolondo continues to fish well for both brown and rainbow trout with the odd Redfin being taken as well.Most lures are working well with pink,white and lumo blue being my preferred colors.I have also had success on the stumpjumper finesse in pink or the orange/brown color. The holographic tassie is also a standout. Water level is starting to drop but with a little luck there will be water run into it from Rocklands in the near future. Browns are up to 2.3 kg and rainbows have been up to 3kg.

Tooliorook at Lismore is still producing beaut rainbows and some nice browns too. Trolling tassie devils in pink or white are getting results. Bait fishing live minnows or gudgeon either under a float or on the bottom works well here too. Power bait also accounts for many fish here, pink or orange the preferred colors.

A lot of other lakes are also fishing well including Bullen Merri and Purrembete for browns, rainbows. Many of the new release chinook salmon are being caught and released too. What an exciting time we have ahead in these 2 lakes when they mature. Purrembete is always a good all rounder with many Redfin available by drop shotting minnow imitations or using live bait.

Lake Bolac is producing rainbows of basically 2 sizes...1kg and 2 kg and above.

Lakes Fyans and Wartook near Halls Gap are starting to fire again after getting a lot of fishing pressure due to the past drought. Wartook being the pick of these lakes with lures and bait getting the results.

Rocklands is a bit of a hit or miss lake at the moment but will improve in the near future. Carp are a major problem here and will take any bait presented with fish of 9 or 10 kg not un-common.

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